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What is a Recommendation Engine?

If you have ever been thankful, though slightly suspicious, that Google manages to autofill your search before you have even typed half of it, or if Netflix somehow knows to tell you exactly when the new season of Street Food is coming out, though you have not explicitly searched for…

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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two disciplines that are growing exponentially, with very interesting potential in the next couple of years. For this blog, I thought I would take a deeper look at what they are and how they are being used today.

To start, I am…

As a former librarian, my brain is hardwired to focus on accessibility and the human who will be using any application I design. …

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Coding is fun!

Coding allows children to explore both logic and creativity to solve a problem. While many problem solving approaches tend to focus more on logic, coding gives children flexibility to be creative with imagining their solution, and then seeing it in action. Coding gives children the tools not only to problem…

This article will explore the process of choosing a first programming language, particularly for someone without a background in computer science.

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The overwhelming choice

The number of coding languages in use is pretty overwhelming, especially to those just coming into the field. Before you get lost in trying to understand the differences between…

In honor of the Brooklyn Yarn Crawl, which is taking place (in person!) in Brooklyn, NY this weekend, my blog this week will be on the intersection between coding and knitting. While the two may seem opposites in their nature, there is actually a good deal they have in common.

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At a glance

This article will aim to provide structure and resources for graduates of a Software Engineering Bootcamp, who are currently job searching.

It is not sponsored in any way. The companies and sites listed are a reflection of my interest and research.

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You have officially graduated from your software engineering bootcamp…

In this article, I aim to compare and contrast my journey learning to code vs learning a new language. I have started and stopped learning both coding and spoken languages at various times in my life, so will start at the beginning.

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Learning out of Necessity

A young child learns to speak out of…

This article will look at the history and modern day importance of Structured Query Language (SQL), and provide a brief example of its usefulness.

A Brief History

Structured Query Language, more commonly known as SQL, is a Domain Specific language developed by computer scientists at IBM in the early 1970s. It was developed…

This article seeks to simplify the complex filed of Natural Language Processing, explore how it can be used in everyday life, and provide a look to the future.

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Human speech is messy. From the changing colloquialisms of every day conversation, to rules that are broken for no understandable reason with…

Amelia Elton

Software Engineer and Librarian

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