To Ruby or not to Ruby, please ask a different question

This article will explore the process of choosing a first programming language, particularly for someone without a background in computer science.

The overwhelming choice

Instead of starting with a specific language in mind, focus on what you want to do with said language. Do some research on your goals, and find out what languages are in use in that field. Chances are, there won’t be just one, but there will probably be one or two that stand out and are in demand at the moment.

You have chosen, now what?

I have always found the best first step when learning a new programming language, or even a new concept in a language you already know, to be YouTube. There are countless videos of people explaining the same concept in different ways. If one video leaves you lost, try another one. I have always found at least one person who can explain things in a way that makes sense. It helps to look at which channels are attracting attention, and which channels are put out by companies such as freecodecamp, that create credible and reliable content.

Self driven

Below are a few, but there are countless others out there.


Below are some articles you may find helpful if you are considering this step:

Now what?

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